Saturday, June 22, 2013

week 2


Another week has come and gone. I am getting into the swing of things. Since Hilal and I live a further away we have to get up earlier to take two different buses. we have slowly gotten used to the routine. It is nice having someone to walk with. We have many discussions on life and various other things and I am usually helping him with his homework. We have gotten into a routine.

Monday: Presentation day. I was a little nervous about having to do the 5 - 10 minute presentation on Champagne, mostly because we are still getting used to each other and the class. Once class was over, I was happy to have it done and out of the way. Since everyone is finished at 1 o'oclock, a lot of us have started eating lunch together and walking the city or going next door to a place called Zam & Zam's. We have a workshop almost everyday after our class is done. I was excited to start a new one today. It is about French music. Once the workshop was over some of us walked around for a bit before Hilal and I had to had to catch by 6 to get back.  We've slowly gotten used to each other around all the time.

Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty simple. We had two more presentations, grammar review, and lots of speaking and listening. Once class was over, some of us went to grab some drinks and lunch to enjoy the Tuesday afternoon. We continued with the same workshop from Monday. French music is always fun to listen to
Wednesday: Another Excursion! Wednesdays are excursion days. This week's excursion is Pavillon Vendome. It was great to see it again and go inside and hear all about the history. Although it was a little hot, it was a perfect day for the excursion.  We also got to enjoy a wonderful walk back to our house as well since it was so nice out.

Pavillon Vendom

Garden of Pavillon Vendom

Our Street: Our walk home

Our Buss Stop

Thursday: We continued our newspaper workshop from the week before. Although the subject very interesting, the teacher  was not. We've had to bring a different newspaper for each time and study and compare different things about them. It's very easy to forget the world around you when you are caught up within your own discoveries.

Friday:  One ending always leads to a new beginning. I have gotten used to getting up early and having to catch the bus to get into the city and being home by 7 every night but time for a change has come. I found a new place to stay for my last two weeks that is much closer to the school. So Friday morning I said goodbye to Daniela and Jean and brought all my luggage with me to school. Friday was also the last day our teacher was going to be with us. We had a presentation on Le Martinique where someone brought in one of the specialty drinks to share with the class. 9am may not be the most ideal time to enjoy/try this specialty drink but it was great for the presentation.  Once the school day was over I was excited to take my luggage to this new home. Luckily I am now only 7 minute walking distance from school. So I was able to drop off my luggage and meet everyone. There are also two other girls from America staying with them for the summer for another program. I was able to meet them and enjoy a wonderful dinner with them. I was excited to be closer to everything. I celebrated this new found freedom by meeting up with a few friends after 8 pm to see the city at night.

Overall it was a great week. It started off relaxed and slow and ended with lots of fun. I can't believe my class is already half over. The days are just flying by. I am learning and experiences so many new things.


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